The cutting-edge IT services

The cutting-edge

Tech Support Services

Techon Us has a rich experience of more than one decade in the industry. Over the years, we have acquired the expertise and strength to offer class apart tech support services to our clients. Our team of zealous techies and technocrats are professionals with incredible technical knowledge and understanding. They provide endpoint support, server support as well as software support.

At Techon Us, we exert to diagnose and analyse the root cause of any issue. So, whether it is providing personal computer support, MS configurations or dealing with issues in troubleshooting. We make sure the problem is recognised with utmost vigilance and agility.

Our tech support services are tailor-made to meet the changing needs of our clients. They are specifically designed and planned to reduce the risk of data loss. It ensures that the software up-gradation is done efficaciously in accordance with IT compliance.

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Web Services

The digitalization and introduction of novel media have made it necessary for every business to give considerable thought to their web presence. Every business/ brand today lures to get the maximum web reach. The power of the virtual world is humungous. Techon Us with a vision to help its clients utilize the power of the web to the fullest introduces its comprehensive web services. Our web services include Website Creation, App Creation, Web Hosting Services, Website conversion and much more.

Our competitive web service packages enable your business/brand to amplify its reach and target the audience precisely. We follow a systematic and analytical approach while planning websites, applications or web hosting. Utmost attention is given to the development, design, execution and specifications of the website. Our websites are user-friendly, embedded with advanced features and interfaces. The websites and applications at Techon Us are made closely planned and executed with precision.

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Training and Development Capabilities

Software and security training is in vogue. It enables one to understand the different concepts, specifications and features of the software. It allows the organization to effortlessly digitalize their tasks and reduce the chances of any errors. Software application training can be used strategically to deploy software in a planned and structured way.

Techon Us provides complete training for

  • All Microsoft Product Training
  • Network Training
  • Database Training
  • Security Training
  • First Level Training for Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook)
  • Linux Server
  • Personality Training like Personality Development, Time Management, Productive Skills, Voice and Accent Training.

Our trainers are qualified as well as certified. They use proven instructional design, methodology and techniques to train your staff. They acquaint your employees with the intricacies of the software and IT system. The motive is to ensure the highest level of security and reduce the risk of data loss.